Doctor Fisher Putters

Meet The Inventor: Dr. Dale Fisher

Fisher Putters were developed by Dr. Dale Fisher in the early 90’s because he determined through various testing that the existing putter surfaces were too hard which caused inconsistency in speed and direction.  Through trial and error, Dr. Fisher created the patented Kevflex insert which was USGA approved and set the standard by the USGA for softness of a putter face.  A thesis study conducted at California Poly Pomona by Professor Edward Gates conclusively proved Fisher Putters outperformed all leading putters on the market. 

Dr. Fisher had several professional golfers use the putter on various PGA tours around the world. Fisher Putters are officially back and we are currently  reintroducing his Vintage Talon line of putters.  We are also manufacturing new putter designs that will launch in 2023, all with the patented Kevflex insert.

There is no other putter on the market like a Fisher Putter.  The Vintage Talon line designs are years ahead of their time and will outperform any putter on a high speed camera.  The feel and consistent roll of the golf ball off the face is unlike any putter in golf.   Fisher Putters are also the official putter of Major League Golf and in the years to come will once again be a staple for amateur and professional golfers on every level.  Start practicing your fist pump!