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The Design That Changed The Industry

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es1 putter

The Edge Series ES1

Only 1,000 For Sale
Releases January 22nd, 2024

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Fisher putters have a patented Kevflex insert which is soft but extremely solid and indestructible. All putter inserts come with a lifetime guarantee. This insert creates TRACTION CONTROL providing an instant roll to your golf ball. TRACTION CONTROL keeps the ball on the putter face longer and allows you to Frame Your Putts and reduces Dimple Deflection keeping the ball on your intended line.

Doctor Fisher Putters


Learn why Dr. Fisher created the patented Kevflex insert which was USGA approved and set the standard by the USGA for the softness of a putter face.


The Patented Kevflex Inserts are uniquely constructed and offer distinct advantages over all other inserts and grooved face putters.  The handcrafted material provides better distance control and direction through several engineered traits.

Over 30 years ago, (established in 1991) the patented Kevflex insert set the bar for minimum softness standards of a putter.  With a durometer reading between 85 – 90 (85 is minimum standard determined by the USGA and R & A) the not this  minimum hardness of a putter.

The Kevflex insert is a USGA and R & A approved material that is near the softest range allowable under the rules of golf.  This softness allows for a more forgiving putt on green speeds as fast as 14 on the stimp meter.  


What Our Customers Have To Say

David C. Torrance CA

I love my Fisher Putter. My distance control is so consistent if I do miss I am left with a tap in 75% of the time.

D, Steinbeck

Before buying the Fisher Putter I averaged 3-4 three putts a round. My putting was the worst part of my game. From the immediate moment of owning a Fisher Putter I had 4 birdies and no 3 putts!

Stan S. Las Vegas NV

Putting has gone from the worst part of my game to the best part of my game and has knocked 3 shots off of my handicap thanks to my Talon 3!